To move or not to move…that is the question!

Dance moves

One of the problems all speakers face is how to move on stage. The skills needed to speak behind or in front of a lectern are different and distinct. For now let’s talk about being in front of the lectern and standing alone on the main stage. One of the main concerns speakers have about their movement on the stage, is that their moving around can distract the audience from listening to their message. The key thought to remember is first stop, then make your point and while your audience is thinking, move. When you come to an important point in your speech or presentation, learn to plant yourself on stage.  This allows the audience to focus on you and your message. Once your audience is focused, make your point. After you made your point this is the perfect time to pause, allowing your audience to reflect on your point and thereby allowing you to move to a different part of the stage. Moving on stage is not the problem however looking like you are playing a one person ping-pong game is a problem!


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