Stop, Look, and Think!

Foundation of a great speech

Foundation of a great speech

One of the  aspects of  a speaker is the knowledge that everything you see, hear, taste or feel can be the beginnings of a speech. When I hear someone say that they can’t think of a topic for their next presentation, I go crazy. Just stop and look at the world around you. For example, look at the above photo. The sign states; “Sidewalk Ends”. There are so many topics in this photo I have problems deciding where to start. It is not just about what the sign announces but also its relationship to the rest of the environment. Using this photo, you can discuss many events that happen to us in daily life. We come in contact with people and situations that can provide countless ideas for something to talk about. Just stop, look and think.


2 comments on “Stop, Look, and Think!

  1. Jim Dawson says:

    Life is full of opportunities to gather information which can be expressed in an entertaining and informative way. However, it requires a person to be present in the now to catch the message. I believe with the pace of life quickening it is harder then every for people to focus on the now. Jim Dawson

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