The power and life long benefit of persuasion!!


“Few people make it to the top without first making it to their feet!” Lani Arrendondo once said. It is a statement that holds much truth. You can influence your fellow managers, subordinates or your employees, if you can influence an audience. When you learn to persuade an audience, you well on the way to influence others. We have all been audience member one time and we sit there being extremely bored. Either the speaker tried to fill us with facts, figures and non-essential tidbits of information or they were bored themselves.

The key question a speaker or presenter have to ask themselves is; “Are your audience members asking themselves where the hour went or are they flummoxed because it has only been 5 minutes since you started speaking and it feels like an eternity has gone by.” Do yourself a favor and more importantly your audience.

Learn to persuade people. Everyone will love you for it!


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