Garbage In! Garbage Out!

imagesCAA3Y1KNWhen you want to enter information into a computer there is a systematic way of going about it. The reverse of that is also true. Getting information from a computer is easier if you do it in a precise and systematic way. One of the problems with presenting data to an audience is that you have no control on how they are going to process this data. So if your audience perceives garbage coming in they will then let the garbage go out. It is your job as a presenter to set-up and control how the audience takes in your data. If you can make it easy for your audience to take in that information and process that it, the more likely your audience  will retain what you are telling them. If you have distractions intertwined with your data, your audience will be distracted and as a result miss what you are telling  them. Remember perceived garbage coming in means actual garbage going out.


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