So you want to be a speaker!

  • SpeakerSo you want to be a speaker. I have one question, “Why?”

    We all have goals in our lives. The important idea we must always consider is what the reasons behind our goals are.

    Knowing or not knowing the reasons will help focus our drive on attaining that goal. You can also adjust your journey in fulfilling this goal.

    I believe that attaining a goal is a great learning process. However, sometimes we learn at the end, we really didn’t like what we were trying to attain. Many times the effort could have been put to better use. So if your desire is to be a speaker, find out the why. If you just want to be in front of an audience, try being an actor. If you want people to listen to what you have to say, try being a writer or a radio announcer.

    Different reasons will yield different journeys and will much different results.


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