The river of ideas blocked by the dam of confusion!

riversWhen you begin the construction of your presentation or speech, you may be filled with a host of ideas you want to bring forth. Having many ideas is never a problem but the transition from one idea to the next is always  critical. Picture the flow of a river. As you travel down a river, you can experience various levels of water turbulence. You may at one point have a very smooth and gentle river. Yet, a little further down the river you come upon rapids that might threaten to capsize your boat. This can happen several times during your journey, where you go from smooth waters to rough waters and back again. However, picture a different river. This river has you going to the shoreline after every mile, getting out of your boat and then deciding how to proceed to the next part of the river. Your whole journey is a constant getting out of the boat and getting in the boat and having to struggle with not knowing exactly  where you are going. For most people, they would prefer the first river even though they may experience the dangerous rapids.  Your audience is the same way, they crave a smooth transition from one idea to the next, even if the idea is turbulent. Don’t make them mentally get of the boat to figure out where they are going next.


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