Make ‘em laugh…make ‘em laugh…Make ‘em laugh!!

Make 'em laugh

How many times have you sat in a speech or presentation and just hoped that someone would come by and put you out of your misery? Yet, there were other presentations that were fun, engaging and time flew by.

The most likely difference between the speakers was the use of humor. Humor is a powerful tool that will add life and fun to any speech.

The great part about the use of comedy is that it is a learned skill. Many comedians actually teach classes on the structure of comedy. As you make a conscious decision to add humor to your speech, you do get better at determining what is funny and what is not. YouTube is a great place to watch snippets of famous comedians and determine how they do it.

So make a choice: Do you want to be funny or not?    Have you heard the joke about..?


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