Oh dear me! I forgot what you said!

To forget is to be weak!

Have you ever been told a great idea, only to forget it the next day! We have all sat down to listen to a speaker who gives us all these great ideas but then as time passes, we forget most of what we heard. Unfortunately, this is just human nature more importantly self-protection. In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with images and sounds. As a result, the human mind to protect itself from over stimulation forgets most of what we have heard and seen. As a speaker who has spent many hours preparing your speech for your audience, you do not want your audience to forget what you were saying. The easiest technique a speaker can use is to just simply re-emphasize your main talking points. The best place is during your conclusion. It can be done with a story. Or just simply, repeating your main points. The key is make them as memorable as you can. This way the audience may not remember you the speaker but they will remember what you told them.


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