Stay on Track!

Which way is he talking about? by 101 Speaking Nuggets

Which way is he talking about?

One major problem that some speakers have is they fail to stay on track. It is very similar to watching a driver weave back and forth as they drive and wondering if they will crash.


Audiences need a clear and simple track to follow.  One of the best ways to keep your audience on track is for you to outline your speech on paper. Once it is written, you can then proceed to have someone review it. If this written outline is understood by that person, then your audience will understand as well.  If your reviewer gets lost or confused, you can rewrite your outline to avoid this confusion.


Think of your speech as a roadmap. The easier you make it for your audience to follow your speech, the more enjoyment your audience will have and the more they enjoy, the more they will listen.


Isn’t that is what it is all about? Listening!




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