Is this speech relevant to the audience I am speaking to today?

Oh...the big question!

Oh…the big question!

Question? Is this speech content relevant to your audience? If there is no value then why should your audience even listen? Your audience can pretend to be listening and still play Solitaire on their phones.

My concept to being relevant is about simplicity. You should edit your topic down to 10-12 words. If these words interest a few close friends, you have a relevant topic for your audience. However, if you get blank stares, you might want to rethink your ideas.

If you can get your message across in just a few words, you can be assured you will be on target. Sometimes the hardest part is to find out the most important nugget of your speech. You may have several nuggets worthwhile but there is usually one nugget that is the key to it all.

So again, ask yourself the important question: is this topic relevant to my audience?



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