Any questions….Huh, you want to know what?


In any presentation, speech or training session, there are many places to look foolish and not very knowledgeable. I have been there, just ask my wife. One segment that can strike fear in the heart of presenters is the question and answer portion of the program. You researched your topic. You prepared your presentation. You prepared your slides. You make your presentation. Then you ask…are there any questions?

The major problem is not the question about your topic but rather it is the question that has nothing to do with what has been presented. This is usually asked by someone who thinks they know more than you do and wants to prove it to everyone else in the room. The worst action you can take with this situation is trying to outdo this person. You should simply just say, “That’s a good question; let me give you my opinion!” Be gracious and let your audience make their own judgment call.

Or maybe the question is about your topic but you have no clue what the answer is. Rule number one is never lie! If you do not know how to answer the question you must say that. When a speaker is bluffing, the audience knows it. If you know that your answer will be long, use this as an excuse to have a follow-up meeting at a later, but keep the your response short and sweet.

Any questions?



One comment on “Any questions….Huh, you want to know what?

  1. Jim Dawson says:


    Nicely done. That right never lie. A person has the right to be wrong in their opinion, not in the facts.

    Carpe diem,

    Jim signature

    Jim Dawson


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