Making it upbeat!

Says it all!

Says it all!

There are many ways to end your speech, presentation or even an entire training day.  When you do any form of research, experts will tell you all sorts of different methods. They say you should always end with a story. Or they may say that leaving your audience with a quote is the best. Of course you always hear that issuing a challenge to your audience is the best course of action. It is funny though, no one ever suggests ending your speech in an upbeat fashion. It almost sounds that you should be serious and very business oriented. Now I know that there are many issues that need to be address are very serious in their nature.  There are many topics that telling a joke is not something you should do.

However, I argue that having an upbeat message or story is a great way to have your audience remember what you told them. People instinctively hate a negative or serious attitude from other people. People are drawn to happy and upbeat messages. So when you are planning the conclusion to your next speech, try to encapsulate the message in an upbeat fashion. Or if you are going to present a challenge to the audience, remember that you want them to view the challenge in a positive way. Any message that is positive is always upbeat in nature.  Also, after you have been serious in the main body of your presentation, leaving your audience in an upbeat mood will give your audience the relieve they need and remember.


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