The unusual approach!

Left or Right where will I take them!

Left or Right where will I take them!

What makes comedy routines funny is quite simple. The comedic by his routine has the audience expecting one punch line but at the last second gives them a different punch line. In Hollywood, major film directors do something very similar all the time. You are watching a film expecting the ending to be a standard version A and then you see a totally unexpected ending version B. This will cause most people to remember the entire film, be it good or bad.
All speech writers could use that same approach in the writing of their speeches. One great benefit that you can give to an audience is when you approach a subject from a different point of view. There are the standard approaches to a particular subject that everyone expects. Of course, this in turn automatically causes people to think a certain way. However, if you approach the subject from a different or very unusual way, most audiences are forced to stop and rethink that subject. They still may come to the same conclusion but you have forced them to reevaluate their stance. There is an old saying: “Who you are is because of what you know. You change what you know. You change who you are.”
I believe that when you start thinking about different approaches to your speech, you start to learn more about your topic. This forces you to do more research and gather more information. As you gain more in-depth perspective, this may even change your approach to the subject matter. An unusual approach can, at the very least, give an exciting and an informative time for your audience. It will also make you a better and more accomplished speaker. This is maybe the reason why you are reading this blog!


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