Ok…Let’s keep it clean!




Many speakers encounter two key problems in adding humor to their speeches or presentations.

The first problem is how much humor should you add?  It is actually for the speaker to decide, since the speaker adds the content. My question is, “How serious is your speech?” The more serious your content, the less humor you can use. Of course, to avoid having your audience experiencing an emotional breakdown it is imperative that you do interject some humor into your talk. This acts as a safety release for your audience. If the content is all fluff, everyone will enjoy a very funny speech. If your speech is very serious, the humor may get in the way of the message.

The second problem can be much more problematic. How mature do you want the humor to be? Or to put it another way, how dirty are your jokes? Many comedians have had trouble going from the nightclub circuit to daytime corporate programs.  At the beginning a person starts working in a comedy club telling jokes and it is far easier to use raunchy jokes or swear words as part of the punchlines. These always are the easiest ways to get laughs. When the comedian moves to larger venues where they cannot use this type of humor, they find it harder to stay funny. They have to work harder to find the right material to use. Also every speaker has a natural cadence in their speaking.  When a comedian is first starting they develop a certain rhythm or cadence based on the words they use.  If you cannot use these words, it then changes the cadence. This as a result may not make the jokes funny.

The best course of action is to use clean comedy first.  This allows you to speak in front of any type of audience and still leave them laughing.


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