Well…I think he just finished.


The ending of a speech can be tricky for some novice speakers and, more importantly, for their audiences. When you are preparing your speech, the close needs to be apparent. When you are giving your speech and coming to your ending, your audience should know that your speech is coming to a conclusion. I have listened to some speakers and one minute they are speaking about their topic and the next minute, they are walking off the stage. This catches every audience by surprise. Your closing to your speech can have a challenge, a question or some sort of call to action but your audience must know that your speech is coming to a close. Every audience wants to think about what you have said to them and during your conclusion it is a perfect time for audience to reflect.  Every speech has to have a definite opening, a body and a close. Many speakers are nervous about how they will open a speech. They then worry if they will have enough to speak about during their speech. The closing is many times an afterthought. Don’t let this happen to you or your audience. Think of your speech as a journey on a ship. When you are getting close to your final destination, you want to see it coming. You want to see whether it will be a rough landing or a smooth finish. You want to be able to see clearly the direction that you will take. You audience is no exception. So take the time to put thought and effort into your close. Make it apparent to everyone involved.


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