What the heck is a speaking professional? Is I one?

speaking professional

In our everyday business lives, we are constantly being observed and judged. The truth be really told. Every time we answer the phone, we are judged.  Every time we are asked to say a few words at a meeting or are asked to lead a meeting. Every time a meeting speaker is absent and people look around to see who is going to volunteer to walk in front of the room to speak. These are times that a person can either step up be noticed or let someone else gets the chance. In a business environment, we spend our days answering phones and sitting in meetings. You speak because of your business life. You may be speaking with your associates around the coffee machine or may speak one on one with your supervisor in their office. You are still speaking! Strengthening our speaking skills will go a long way to improve others’ view of our professionalism.  In reality it is not that difficult. The more opportunities that you have to speak, the easier it becomes. The more evaluations that you receive on your speaking opportunities, the better speaker you become. These evaluations will help minimize your weaknesses and help you concentrate on your strengths. The better speaker you become, the easier it is to be a better speaker. You must commit to spending the time and effort in being a better speaking professional. You must realize that there numerous everyday opportunities to develop your speaking professionalism. Standing in an elevator next to a high ranking company vice-president discussing future business opportunities may plant a seed in this vice-president’s mind. Who knows, maybe you might be considered for a future advancement opportunity. The time to be working on this goal is not when you are asked but months if not years ahead.   In a previous blog entry, I gave some examples of organizations that you should inquire about.  I also mentioned some classes that might be of benefit to you. If you want to be a better speaking professional, do the work and make the effort.


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