So you want to talk to them…them… about this!

audiences 2

When you are organizing your speech, you always have to think of your audience first. As a matter of fact, you need to think of several “Whys” concerning your planned audience. Why this particular audience? Why this particular audience at this time? Why this particular audience at this time with this topic? The more you begin by asking questions about your audience, the greater the chance you will start to organize your speech in a way to give your audience the greatest benefit. Many speakers think of their content only and not worry about their audience at all. They assume their audience will love the content regardless of what interests the audience. Maybe the content is such that everyone will like it. Of course it also may be that the audience will not like it. Your content could be relevant to everyone but it might require that it be presented in a different way. For example, if your content is personal security, audiences of teenagers versus the elderly have each different concerns and needs.  Your overall theme might be personal security but the specifics can be different. You may have the expertise of retirement planning.  However, the need of a twenty year old is totally different than of a sixty year old. So start to look at your audience first and then compare your audience to your content.

Putting together a list of the average age and sex of your audience is a good starting place. You will also have to consider education levels of your audience. Are you planning to speak to mainly to managers or is your audience non-management personnel. The more you know about your audience the greater impact you can make with your speech. You will go from being unknown and forgotten to someone that is remembered for a long, long time.




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