What’s in a word!

words descriptiveY
For thousands of years, story tellers have been bringing events to life. As children we looked forward to our mom or dad reading us a bed time story and as parents, the nightly ritual of reading our child’s favorite bedtime story is something we all remembered and enjoy. In our adult years we all gravitate to people who can tell a great story. Stories let us relive someone else’s vacation, trip or a funny mishap. The ability of telling a lively story is important to all speakers. The better we are at telling a story; the easier it is to make a point and hold your audience’s attention. As speakers it is far easier to make a point with a story than to make a point without a story. The key to bringing a story to life is your use of descriptive words and phrases. You could say, “It was a hot day on the beach.” Or you could say, “It was a hot, humid, sultry afternoon on the white sandy beach that borders the clear blue shimmering ocean waters.” The English language has many words that can turn the ordinary, boring story into something that is alive and vibrant. For us speakers it is a simple as looking into a dictionary. The dictionary is full of words that will enrich any story. Of course you must first begin in your own mind reliving your story. Focus on trying to describe in great detail on what you see. The more you can vividly see your event in your mind, the easier it becomes to find the right set of words to describe it to your audience.


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