Where the heck is he going with this?

driving directions

We have all been in an audience listening to a speaker and half-way through the speech; we realize we have no clue as to where the speaker was taking us. We have heard speeches that seemed to jump from one point to another with no apparent rationale. We have sat in lectures given by seemingly knowledgeable professors but we have no idea what it all means. The analogy for all presenters is to imagine driving down a winding road where every few miles we see road signs directing us to our destination. Speeches are no different. We need to let the audience where we are going and similar to driving down a road, connect our points together. However one problem that happens to many speakers is when they think of an impromptu idea. They have prepared their speech but they decide to thrown in this additional impromptu ideas or points. These ideas in conjunction with the rest of the ideas all makes sense to the speaker. But to the audience it gives the impression that the speaker is not staying on track. The audience feels that the speaker is jumping around and not providing any sense of direction. The solution is simple. You must stay on track. In your preparation know how you want to proceed in your speech and then in your presentation you need to stay that way. Otherwise, do not be surprised when your audience has the look on their face as if to say; “Where the heck is he going with this?”


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