Three Rules Microphone Etiquette


Mind Your Microphone Manners Please!!!

Have you ever seen anyone fumble with the power switch on a wireless mic?
Have you ever heard anyone blow into a microphone?
Have you ever heard anyone tap on a microphone?

Well….think again if you ever do. Here are three rules of proper microphone usage.

Unless you are in complete control of your own mic system all by yourself, don’t touch the power button for any reason. Most likely, the technical team is aware that you are using the mic and should have ample battery power to last for the duration of your talk. Plus, they will make sure your mic is muted, if need, or turned up if you are talking.

Never blow into a microphone. Blowing into a microphone usually sounds pretty cheesy and may actually damage the diaphragm in the microphone capsule.

Don’t tap on the microphone. Just like blowing into the microphone, tapping a mic can be awkward for the audience to hear and can potentially cause damage to the diaphragm element as well.

Basically, if you need to check the audio in a mic system, just start talking…saying something like maybe thanking the audience for being there. This will give the microphone technician a chance to tweak your mic and then you’re off and delivering your fabulous keynote speech!


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