Three-Two or Two-Three Rule!


Three-Two or Two-Three Rule

As a professional it is very important to begin and end on time. Whether you are speaking for ten minutes or all day, honoring the time commitment is critical.

It is eight o’clock in the morning and you have just been informed that you will be presenting your project to a group of senior managers in two hours and you have 10 minutes on the agenda. You have a confirmed appointment with you prospect for sales meeting you have schedule for tomorrow and she informs you rather than the 30 minutes that was originally schedule you now have 15 minute instead, or worse yet you are waiting to go into to the meeting and you been informed your time has been cut in half. What do you do?

Here is a rule of thumb that can keep you on track. When preparing your speech or a presentation create an outline. If you have three main points use two sub points for each or for every two main points you can have three sub points. In either case you will see it provides a clear and concise message and gives you five minutes of material. To much information clouds the topic and it is hard to stay on track. The two-three or three-two rule keeps your message clear and concise, as well as keeping you on track.

When you do not have the time or your time has been reduced this will help you to stay on track and on time. In either case you have two choices.

• First go in there and just wing it. I have seen this too many times, the unprepared ramble or they try to get all of the information in anyway, and they fail to be clear and concise in their message. It can cost you a sale and maybe a career opportunity.

• Second you take the time to define the message you what to leave them with, prepare a short intro and outline the 2 or 3 main points which are most important and have 3 or 2 sub points. You just showed your professional grasp of the subject and a professional image of yourself. It is a winning combination.

If they what more information, they will ask questions and now you are on their time not yours.


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