The Frequent Flier

frequent flyer

One measure of your speaking success will be the amount of air travel your speaking business requires.  The more successful you become, the more hours your cheeks are in airline seats.

While airline travel is not the fun it once was, following these three recommendations will make it more better.

Number one:  Fly one airline.  If your local airport serves more than one major carrier, pick one and fly it exclusively.  If you can make a choice, location of airport hubs, and locations of your major business are key picking criteria.  No one airline flies everywhere, but the major carriers belong to “alliances” and surely one of the alliance carriers can get you there.

Number two:  Join that airline’s Frequent Flier Program.  While the last thing you may want to do as a Platinum Level flier is fly to a vacation spot, flying your partner and family there for “free” has an appeal.  It rewards your family for putting up with you being on the road.  And those trips aren’t free.  You earned them.

Number three: Get your airline’s Lounge Card.  Your journeys will entail delays and cancellations.  You don’t want to deal with those in the public areas with the teeming masses; you want to deal with them in the comfort of your airline’s Lounge.  You can accomplish in minutes what would take hours in Ticketing, usually while enjoying a complimentary beverage.  Costs usually depend on your flying status; it may appear high to you at first, but it’s worth it, and it’s a business expense, regardless of employment type.

Few people like to fly regularly.  So when you do, take advantage of every opportunity to reward yourself and you family.


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