Jargon, Jargon, Jargon!


Jargon! This is a tripping point for many speakers. One problem we all face speaking is when we begin to use jargon and assume that everyone knows what we are referring to specifically. This is commonplace in any technical presentation. In every occupation, people use jargon to speed the conversation. If you use a technical phrase or series of words constantly, it becomes a time saver if you shorten these words to an acronym or some sort of jargon.  The problem comes into play when we are in a group of people who do not use the same jargon.  In a group of people if someone doesn’t know what the jargon means, it is quite simple to stop the conversation and ask what a particular word or acronym means. However if you are a speaker and use jargon that some members of the audience do not understand, it can be uncomfortable or embarrassing for those audience members to stop you and ask what it means. As a result you begin to lose segments of your audience. One way to avoid this problem is to review your presentation for any unknown phrases or acronyms. Provide definitions to your audience if you must use jargon. Refer to these definitions periodically throughout your talk to help remind your audience what they mean. Also it is helpful to enlist the advice of someone not associated with your industry. Someone who is not familiar with the jargon you take for granted.  Let them review what you are saying for any last remaining jargon that does not have any definitions.  Every speaker wants their audience to understand their message. Why put barriers in the way of having your audience understand your message.


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