Holy smokes! I never thought of that!


One of the major techniques for comedians to make their audiences laugh is by the use of misdirection. Comedians will lead their audience down one path of reasoning that the audience expects will have a certain ending and then at the last second comedians will give a punch line that is totally unexpected. The end result is funny. Speakers can do something similar to their own content. It is our job as speakers to think outside the box. It is our job as speakers to give our audience another way of looking at ideas, concepts or at the world.  The first problem for all of us is our own ideas.  We all have preconceived notions or expectations on many areas of our lives.  In order for us to give our audiences a different viewpoint, we must give ourselves a different viewpoint.  Of course this is a lot easier said than done. Once you have acquired a number of viewpoints or ideas on a particular topic, take the time to brainstorm as many different ideas as you can. Don’t judge these ideas at first, just let the ideas flow. No matter how stupid you think your idea is just record the idea on paper. Once you have given sufficient time to brainstorming for ideas then you can start to analyze the validity and merit of these ideas.  Again let the ideas flow, and then judge. At first it may seem difficult and not very productive but with time and effort it will become easier.

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