Dang! He sure do talk funny!


One problem all foreign born speakers have is being understood when they speak. As a matter of fact any speaker, who has a different accent than their audience, can be misunderstood. The problem lies in the brain. All of us are accustom to a certain speech pattern, pace or dialect. When you change that pattern, it takes a split second longer for the brain to understand what is being said. People from the north have a hard time understanding people from the south and vice-versa. The fix is to simply slow your speech down and to enunciate a bit more clearly. For a person just to speak a little slower gives your audience time to understand you. This is very important if you travel to a foreign country. You may think everyone understands you but if you speak to quickly, your audience will have trouble comprehending your message. The problem you face when you speak more slowly is that you feel uncomfortable. You think you are talking too slowly. It just doesn’t feel natural. This is where practice comes in to play. Just practicing in your everyday life with store clerks or strangers will help you acquire the skill and comfort to do this. As you practice it will become comfortable and easier to do and as a result when the need arises, you will be able to perform perfectly.


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