Sound Judgement?

Clay MikeHmmm….. Which microphone should I use?

As simple as it may ‘sound’ in this case, no pun intended, you MUST ask yourself, “Which type of microphone should I use?”, based upon the delivery parameters of your presentation.

Recently, I saw a short presentation by a ‘seasoned’ presenter/trainer. He was using a hand-held microphone.  He delivered a great, 10-minute presentation on the fundamentals of presenting and delivering a dynamic presentation. However, while explaining how body movement and hand gestures play a key role in speech delivery, he was all over the place with the hand-held microphone.  One minute in this hand, the other minute in that hand, then, at one time, he held it down at his waist.  It was hard to hear him.  Quite to my surprise, he even walked over to the projection table and set down the microphone so he could perform and talk about a wide-open arm gesture to the audience.  We lost his audio!!!!

Did I mention the session was being recorded?

Guess what happened when he set down the microphone? Yep…you guessed it! That audio portion was lost on the recording.  Ooops!  Won’t make that mistake again.

Clearly, he should have considered using a lapel or head worn  microphone in this case.

Nugget Takeaway: Remember to consider your delivery style AND your audience when choosing your microphone type.

Keep on Speaking!!


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