The Descriptive word or phrase!

descriptive words

One skill all speakers need to strive for is the ability to take a lifeless, boring story and turn it into something that is living and exciting. We have all sat in presentations and listen to a speaker tell a story and after fifteen seconds of listening to this story most members of the audience wish they were somewhere else. Yet, we all listened to another speaker tell a story and the time just flies by and we wish that story would never end.

What is the major difference between these two stories? It is probably the use of descriptive words and phrases. Or to put it another way, one story we are on the outside looking in and the other story we are mentally in the story living and breathing the events.  Words can give a dullness or blandness to any story or they make a story come alive.

You can say a street is dark or you can say the street is a black swirling fog. You can say that you met just a stranger or you can say that you met a tall, ominous person of the night. You can either say you were afraid or you can say that stood in terror shivering with uncontrollable fear. It is your choice as a speaker to determine the path you want to take your audience down. One path will bore your audience and the other path will have your audience screaming for more.


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