So he’s the expert. Yea, right!

Trust me. I am an expert!

Trust me. I am an expert!

Everyone loves an expert! But who is an expert? Why is that person an expert? What makes them an expert? Is it their life experiences or their educational credentials? This is a problem for all speakers. Whether you are the expert or you are using an expert, this problem is something you will encounter. In an average audience you will find some people totally believing what any expert states. On the other hand, there are some audience members who will believe nothing an expert says or shows. If you are the expert speaking you will have to show your audience why you are an expert. Maybe it is because of your educational credentials or maybe you are an author. As an author you had to do countless hours of research and this makes you the expert. Or maybe because of your life experiences you are an expert. If you are speaking about the problems of combat and you have never been in combat, you are not an expert. If your audience believes you are an expert, they will listen to what you have to say. Of course the more controversial you are the more of an expert you have to be.

If you are using an expert’s opinion or facts in your presentation, you must research your expert’s qualifications and present them to your audience. Just because you say this person is an expert doesn’t mean your audience will believe that he is an expert. A simple fact sheet or a copy of your expert’s resume may be what you have to present to your audience in order to prove your point.

Everyone realizes an opinion is just an opinion. However when you speak about your expertise or someone else’s you have to prove it.



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