The experts versus the motivators!


At the beginning of every speaker’s career, speaking professional or professional speaker, there is a tendency to label your topic as motivational. One problem with labeling yourself as a Motivational Speaker with a motivating topic is that there is no such thing. You can be an expert, a trainer, a lecturer or a speaker but not a motivational speaker. You can give advice. You can present expert facts. You can train. Your topic may seem to motivate but in reality it is not. Topics are just that, topics. Speaking to an audience so that you motivate them to do some course of action or to get an end result is not possible. Your audience will only do what they want and when they want.  They may feel “good” when they leave the room but they will only change if they see it in their best interests to change. You best course of action in your speech is to present the facts. You give your audience the reasons why they should change and give the consequences for not changing.

Another problem with labeling yourself as a motivational speaker is that you can now be lump into the same group as all motivational speakers. Whether you get the speaking assignment may come down to price. If speaker A is cheaper than speaker B and  also gives the same amount of “motivation”, than speaker A will be hired. It is similar to hiring a comedian. If comedian A gets 5 laughs a minute versus comedian B who gets 15 laughs a minute, we know who will get hired.

Avoid labeling yourself as a “motivational” speaker. It is much better to be an expert who is on the cutting edge of whatever industry you represent. True experts are rare while “motivational” speakers come and go.


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