Impressions versus the reality of your message!


One problem all speakers have is being believable. This concept of believability is directly related to the audience’s impression of you as a speaker. Not only as a speaker but what kind of speaker. If the audience has an impression of you being one thing but you are talking about something else, you will have a problem with your message.

All speakers should spend thinking about what sort of impression that they want to make with the audience. If the audience’s impression of you matches you and your message, then being believable will be easy.

You see this concept in the movies all the time. If an actor is primarily known as a comedian and decides that they want to do a dramatic role they will run into opposition with movie executives. Actors are constantly type- cast for certain roles. In order to be success at other roles they have to work on changing everyone’s impression of them as to what they are capable of doing.

When you are speaking to an audience, you need to know what impression you are giving to everyone. Your impression might be related to how you dress or sound. If you dress slovenly, you cannot expect to speak to your audience as an expert on dressing for success. If you are giving an impression of being disorganized, you will not be believed if you are talking about streamlining an organization to best maximize efficiently.

Look to asking an outsider on how you are perceived and then spend the time discussing with that person to see if your impression matches your message.


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