Working Local


When you take your presentation on the road, you probably have a set schedule of what you do prior to show time.  But what about when your speaking gig is local?

Working local provides its own set of benefits but also drawbacks.

When I’m working out of town, my family knows they have to fend for themselves.  When I’m local, I’m still part of my family and my family expects me to be connected with them.

When you’re out of town, you’re focused on travel to the site, walking through the building and facilities where you’ll be delivering, and making last minute adjustments in your hotel room.  If you have Props or Lab exercises, you run through them in your hotel room the night before to make sure they produce the desired results.

When you’re local, what are you doing?  Are you giving proper attention to tomorrow’s presentation, or are you frittering away that time with the family?

Your prep time locally should not be different from your prep time on the road.  Some suggestions:

  1. Explain to your family what you are doing and why it is important. Remind your family of your vocation and why it’s important to them as well.
  2. Set aside a block of time each day that is “Your Time” at home for practice as well as program and business development.
  3. If possible, rehearse during the day when family is gone. Admittedly, this works better with a keynote than a training class.
  4. Use your family as your audience.  They will give you a new perspective on your material and you will have a new perspective of your family members.

Don’t cheat your local audience out of an exceptional presentation: give them the same preparation time you give to those on the road.  Your wallet will thank you.


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