You don’t say! I wish you wouldn’t have said that.


Sometimes we have something to say… but…we can’t say it. Or actually we can but just don’t how to phrase it correctly. In every speaker’s life, there are statements or truths that need to be told. The problem we all run into is that we just don’t know how to say it without having everyone upset. We see the truth and we want to let others know of this truth but the words we want to use just will not work. So what is the solution?  Actually there are several ways to do it.

First, tell a story. We all love to hear stories. Stories are a great way to tell something that is unpleasant for your audience to hear. Every speaker must learn how to tell a story. There are many classes conducted by great story tellers who will help you refine your storytelling ability. We all have life experiences that can illustrate a number of truths. Many excellent speakers have a signature story that can be slightly changed to illustrate different truths for different times. Take time to write down major events that have happened to you in your life and what you learned from them. The more often you do this type of review, the greater chance that you will remember other events that you have long since forgotten. A well told story lets the audience look at an unpleasant truth without feeling that it is being directed at them.

If you feel that a story will not do then you may have to make that blunt statement. It will probably be a great idea if you found ways to soften the statement. It you may have to change the words. Or you may have to soften your voice. Many times it is not what we say that is a problem but how it is said. You can also use quotes that will help soften the statement.

The truth is the truth but many times it how you say it that counts.


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