Ok…One more question!


One goal for all speakers is to answer the unanswered question that may arise during their talk. All audiences will have questions during your speech.  Some questions are easy and some hard. The goal for you the speaker is to anticipate these questions and answer them as your speech progresses. You might say that you are answering a question before your audience even thinks of the question.  Now you could wait till the Q & A portion of the meeting but not all of the questions from your audience may be answered. Also time may run out and then there is no question and answer period. As a result your audience leaves with a feeling that they missed something. It is important to review your content and determine what type of questions can arise from your content. Not only will this review help you answer these questions but you can find more content to add to your speech as a result. One suggestion to helping you find questions is soliciting the help of others. Many times people who are not quite familiar with your content have all sorts of questions; questions that you may not have thought of asking. The good news is that this may lead to an expansion of your content and other types of presentations.

So your goal is to find these questions. Develop content to answer them. Then when you ask your audience if they have any questions, they will all shake their head no!


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