Sharing a novel idea, what a novel approach!!

Novel IdeasOne of the benefits of being a speaker is that you are expected to present novel ideas. This is actually not that hard to accomplish. The key to presenting novel ideas is to look at your content from different points of view. By reviewing your content from all different perspectives, you may see an idea or a nugget that you may not have thought of before. The problem most people have is that they are accustomed to a particular line of thinking and do not want to either expand or challenge this thinking. Challenging your thinking forces you to defend your idea or content. Or it may force you to accept that your idea is wrong and there might be a better way. You can see this in everyday life. People would rather criticize another person’s actions or thinking rather than challenge their own thinking. The key to finding novel ideas is looking at your content from a 360 degree perspective.  Do not accept a particular point of view. Force yourself to look at your content from many angles.

Another way to expand your thinking is by reading different authors who may not hold the same ideas that you hold.  Instinctively, you may want to argue against their line of thinking.  Force yourself to push back against this instinct and assume for the time being their ideas are correct.  You may in the end still hold the same opinion as before but at least you have expanded your thinking.

The greater number of novel ideas you present, the greater your value to your audience!novel ideas 2


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