Ah…the end of the year. So now what?


Whether you are a professional speaker or a speaking professional, the end of the year is a great time for self-reflection. It is a good time to ask some hard questions of you. It is not necessary maybe to answer all of those questions but it should provoke some needed thought. Whether it is your content, your level of speaking skills or just the direction where you want to go in life, the more thinking and reviewing you do, the better you will become.  Reviewing your life makes you a more accomplished self-learner. I have always said that the more you learn about yourself the better you can become.

Many speakers make a habit of recording themselves when they speak. When you have a recording of your speech, you can analyze your mistakes.  This is what most people want to do. However, it is also important to look at the good points of your speaking. We sometimes are so caught up in our faults, we miss what is good. It is maybe more important for us to minimize our weakness and concentrate on strengthening our positive attributes.

So enjoy the coming end of the year and look forward to the beginning of the New Year!

self reflection


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