He’s got Audacity!


No, I’m not talking about the character trait a person having ‘audacity’ as in making bold moves, I’m talking about the Audacity software program, the FREE, open-source, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and a few other operating systems. The interface can even be translated into different languages.

You can use Audacity to:

  • Record live microphone audio from the audio input on your computer.  Just connect up the appropriate mic, hit the record button and start talking
  • Convert old tapes or records into digital recordings or CDs
  • Edit common sound file types like MP3, WAV
  • Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together.  Take two or three different sections of recorded MP3 audio, input them into Audacity, then edit and combine all three source files into one continuous MP3 file, and finally save and export into a single MP3 file

It’s just that easy!

So, now….Do you have the audacity to download the Audacity program?

If so, click on the Audacity logo( or link) to download and see the complete list of features.



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