A Journey of a Thousand Miles …


… Begins With A Single Step

It was a position with an abundance of potential, good and bad; a Field of Dreams and a political minefield.  It was the key fill in a major restructuring and, thankfully, the one position I was least qualified to hold.  And when the smoke cleared, it was mine.

An invitation to attend an executive seminar on Business Process Re-engineering arrived soon afterward, to be conducted by the world’s foremost BPR evangelist.  It was a mesmerizing experience.  But it was not the content that was mesmerizing (I already knew that); it was the presentation of that content – appropriate to the audience – that grabbed my attention.  Years of management experience had provided opportunities to hone competent-to-good presentation skills; in fact I was already doing this type of presentation to in-house audiences.

I did the math in the room: 250 people, $2000 per person seminar fee, subtracted generously for meals and breaks and administrative staff.  When I saw the final number, I knew I found the path.  And I realized I had just taken that first step….

…That became a 20 year journey of over a million miles through 35+ states, and other countries across three continents, speaking to groups as small as one to over a thousand in all sorts of venues and formats.  It became, and was, my Dream Job.

Some of you have already taken that first step.  Congratulations!  I hope your journey is memorable.  For the rest of you, your journey can not start until YOU take that first step.  If you don’t take it, you don’t move forward and we will all be the worse for that.

Take that first step.


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