I had a good idea…now…where did it go?


There are many reasons why you should always record yourself when giving a speech. I will avoid the obvious reasons and write about a reason that is not apparent to many speakers.

As we speak, there are times that we say nuggets of gold that our audiences can use and benefit from. However, there are 2 main reasons why we don’t use these same nuggets of gold for our future audiences.

The first reason is that is that we don’t hear ourselves say these nuggets. We are so focused on our presentation and trying to be the best that if a phrase or idea comes out, we don’t hear it. Our audiences may hear it but we don’t and as we result we cannot repeat what we just said in the future.

The second reason is that we just forget. I know that many times I think of something of value but a few minutes later I forgot what I just thought. Writing down your ideas is good but what happens if you are in the middle of a speech or in a meeting? You can’t simply stop your speech and write down your idea or ask someone in the audience to save that idea.

This is why recording your speech is a good idea. You can go back and review your speech. If you hear something of value, you can write your nugget of gold down. This very nugget may be part of a future presentation that your audience will love and begin to ask you for more similar ideas.

Now start the recording!



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