Message or ?


Are you delivering the message that you want to deliver?  Most people are literally clueless on the messages they deliver to others.  We have a choice: of attracting people to us or repelling them away from us.

When we speak there is the message and the Meta message.  Simply put, what is actually being said and received?  For example let’s take two rather straight forward words “Great job.”  The meaning of Great is ‘notable; remarkable; exceptionally outstanding’, and the meaning of job ‘a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one’s occupation’.

Now let’s add some intonation and body gestures and we can change the words “Great job” from praise to rebuke.  Say the phase “Great job” starting with high energy and open gesture you get one meaning.  Work your way down to lower energy and more subdued gesture and you get a deceasing feel of “great job.”  When I do this in a communication teaching session, I am able to control the majority of the audience’s emotions from a high to a low in 8 second or less.

With the change in voice and gestures you can change the meaning you are conveying.  We do it all the time in our personal lives; however, when in front of an audience it takes practice to get it right.  Put the time in to make sure your message is on target.


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