Thinking 2 steps ahead!

2 steps

One great skill for all speakers is to always think 2 steps ahead. Actually, this is a valuable skill for anyone to practice in their own life. As a speaker, thinking ahead can keep you out of trouble and make speaking easier. For example, if you are going to speak at your company meeting, asking questions about the meeting, will help you think ahead. A question like, what is the size of the room? Or how many people are going to be there? Who are the participants and what is their main focus? Are you speaking before lunch and after lunch? One great tool to have is a checklist. We all know of checklists that help you remember things, such as your speech notes, special microphones or airplane tickets. However another type of checklist you can develop is one that will help you think ahead of any special circumstances or special problems. The more you can think ahead, the better you can plan for any unforeseen problems. This will make you a better speaker. Also if something does come up you will have more confidence in handing the problem.



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