To change or not!


You are a speaker of many years. You give countless presentations every year. You have a very comfortable life as a trainer, speaker or coach. I have a few very simple questions.  

How often do you update your material?

Do you have 20 years of experience or one year 20 times over?

Do you discard a certain percentage of your material whether you think it needs it or not? 

One problem all of us have is that we get comfortable with what we know. Rather than changing or adding to our material, we just use the same material over and over. If you as a speaker or presenter want to stay current, you will need to discard a certain percentage of content every year. This forces you to constantly evaluate your content and decide what to remove and what to add. Many great presenters are constantly reading very diverse materials, giving them new insights into what they are doing. These new insights lead to new actions for their audiences. We as speakers should be in the position of leading our audiences rather than playing catch up. It is your choice.



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