Now what do I say!!


You are standing in front of your company’s executives to give a speech. You have been preparing for this moment for weeks. You want to make this speech, the best one you have ever made. Suddenly, in the middle of your PowerPoint presentation, the projector goes dead! Or you are about to make a key point in your speech and a waiter drops a tray making a thunderous noise with all heads now looking at the back of the room. Or you are speaking and the lights go dead. Now, what do you do or say? Stuff can happen when you are speaking. The key point to remember is that what you say is more important than the actual mishap. You can either look confident or look as if you are lost. This is why it is important to take some time before giving your speech and think of possible mishaps that can occur. Write down these potential mishaps and begin thinking of possible sentences to say. Doing this while you are relaxed, makes it much easier to think of something to say. When something happens, you can now give a response and go on speaking. You look confident and in control of the situation! Of course there is always the next time something happens!


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