The last is first and the first last!!

last first 

One question many new speakers ask is, “What part of my speech or presentation should I start preparing first?”  Should I start with my opening? Or should I start with the body of my presentation first? In my opinion, I believe you should start with the ending of your speech. Most people when they get up in the morning for work have a set time. They know that if they need to be at work by 8AM and if it takes 45-55 minutes to drive through traffic, then they must leave the house at 7AM. If they need to leave the house at 7AM and it takes 45-50 minutes to get ready for work including breakfast and hitting the snooze bar on their alarm, then 6AM is the time to get out of bed. People on their first day of vacation, don’t wake up that morning and wonder where they are going on their vacation. They already know. So when they wake up that morning, they know how to pack, what time to leave the house and where they are going.

The same idea is for your next speech or presentation. You need to ask yourself questions. What do you want your audience to feel after the speech? What do you want your audience to do after your presentation? What course of action will your audience want to take after your speech? You must ask yourself these and other questions. Once you know where you want your audience to go, it is much easier to know how to start the journey.


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