Oh…What did I forget!


The stage is set and ready for your presence. The Senior Vice-President of Operations for your company is finishing your introduction. Your fellow managers are anxiously waiting to hear your words of wisdom! All you can think of is; “What have I missed”!

First, before you go on stage, shut your phone off. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your phone going off in the middle of a presentation in front of your manager who can control your career.

Secondly, look at your jewelry with a critical eye. Oversize earrings and a large necklace may appeal to you visually but it may also add clicking sounds to the microphone system. If you are wearing a body microphone, the contact between your jewelry and the microphone will interfere with the soundtrack of your speech especially when recording your speech. So watch what type of cufflinks, necklace, earrings or funky watch that you may wear.

Thirdly, if you wear glasses, please clean your glasses. Also leave any work or convention badges on your seat. There is nothing more distracting for the audience than seeing a speaker wearing all sorts of badges. Also, having smudgy glasses will interfere with the eye contact and facial expressions between you and your audience.

Lastly, take a sip of warm water before you go on stage. This will help moisten your throat before you speak.

Now, go and enjoy yourself and have some fun!


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