Are you technically ready present?


How many of you use presentation software during your talks?

Yep, I thought so, most of you.

Well you’re not unlike most other speakers, so you’ll probably be going to the front of the room or up to the platform with your computer.

Do you know how to make sure your computer device is ready to go?

Remember these 7 key points to make sure you’re technically ready to present.

  1. Set your presentation software into the ‘presenter’ view.
  2. Unless you are on a wireless content presentation device, know exactly what type display port output connector you’ll be using – if you don’t know, then make sure you have your very own Dongle Kit (stay tuned for a future article – Dongle’s for Dummies)
  3. If you have audio in your presentation, make sure you have the proper connection cables from your computer to the rooms audio source
  4. Make sure there are no issues with your audio portions within your presentation
  5. Always use a wireless remote clicker device
  6. If you are using a Windows computer, make sure you have performed a Windows update way before you get ready to present.  If the Windows update just happens to start at the time of your presentation, and it will, you’ll have to wait for it to finish.  There is no Microsoft policeman you can pay to quit the update
  7. Test.  Test again. Test another time, Test until you know all works.

Make sure your computer presentation device is as ready to go to present as you are!

technical 2


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