Your Video Strategy


Video is a key component in the success matrix of your speaking business. Use video well and you should perform well; ignore it or use video badly and you will probably do badly.

There is no middle ground with video: it hides nothing and forgets nothing. Your speech, recorded by the brain, may, over time, lose verbal errors and platform irregularities leaving the good parts to be savored. Video provides no such relief: a gaffe on video remains for the life of the file; however, a flawless performance remains flawless on video forever.

Take a two sided approach: first, use video to help develop your material and enhance your platform persona. Over time this eliminates tongue twisting word combinations and awkward platform habits. Second, accumulate segments worthy of keeping and showing to others. These segments provide the basis for advertising and demonstration videos. Remember that professional quality demo videos may require professional quality video assistance.

The more you video, the more comfortable you become with “the red eye”. This will show in interviews and spontaneous conversations, further enhancing your marketability.

Finished video products can also generate their own revenue streams, in addition to, or in conjunction with, your speaking gigs.

How you use video in your speaking business will go a long way to determining how successful your speaking career will be. Use it early and use it often, keep the exceptional, seek professional help.


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