Oh…that Gesture!


Gestures can enhance the value of your speech. Or and more importantly, they can detract from the value of your speech. The choice is yours to make. A gesture will let your audience know how tall someone is or how wide the door was as you walk through it. Gestures can help emphasize your points and on what point you are speaking on.

One key ingredient is to always keep in mind the size of the room you are speaking in. Gestures that are wide and exaggerate will overpower your audience in a small conference room. On the other hand if you are speaking in a large auditorium, your gestures need to be seen at the back of the room.

The best way to analyze your gestures is by recording your speech. The benefit of recording your speech has been address in many prior nuggets. This is the power of a recorded speech. By simply reviewing your recorded speech with the sound off allows to you to look at your gestures and see if they are natural and will fit the occasion.

So go ahead, make that gesture and realize the power of its simplicity!!


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