The power of listening to your audience!

non verbal

Last week I was standing in our reception area and I began to briefly speak with my Facility Director. As I finished the 30 second conversation, we were approached by our Regional Security Director. He is a great guy but Alpha male to the extreme. What should have been a 3 minute quick conversation turned into a 30 minute conversation. All because the security director was more interest in telling his needs and recommendations rather than listening to his intended audience, the Facility Director.

You as a speaker must realize that as you are speaking to your audience, your audience is speaking back to you. Hopefully, your audience is not doing that by heckling which is the verbal form of communication. The majority of time your audience will communicated to you non-verbally. You can see in their body movements, lack of interest or constantly looking at their cell phones. If you see that your audience is not interested in what you are saying, you must change your speech. Either leave out parts of the speech or add more passion. Whatever your course of action, you need to change something!


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