Having Fun


Over my 30 year career being a professional speaker and trainer I have heard many a story of professionals’ who would talk about how much angst this work is and they are not having much fun. Yes I have also heard that public speaking is the number fear among people, who hasn’t. My intention here is to provide a model to allow you in the speaking profession to have more fun.

So you want to have fun. If you notice the people who have genuine fun in any profession are good at what they do. It is amazing for those who are good at what they do seem to work hard. Well one may ask what does working hard in the speaking professional really mean. It means a great many thing, that is the conundrum. For example learning how to organize a speech whether it is for 3 minutes or a training class for 3 days. Being able to connect with an audience. The skill of crafting the words you use so you are understood by your listeners. Using you voice to convey the right message and you body for visual reinforcement. The ability to use technology in presenting your message, while not to overpower the audience with it.

Malcolm Galdwell, in his book “Outliers: The Story of Success” explains quit eloquently the “10,000 Hour Rule.” Most people fail for they are not will to put the time and effort need to master the chosen field of endeavor. Let examine the model in reverse. If you work hard, you will become good at what you do. When you become good at what you do you will Have Fun doing it.

To bring this home, Brian Tracy said “What is easy to learn is physically hard to do, and what is hard to learn is easy to do.” Think about it!

Lets master our endeavor and go and have fun.



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