Get To Know Your Presentation Remote!!


Recently, while attending a presentation, I heard a fellow speaker say, “Hey…. how do I use this thing?” Do you know what thing they were talking about?  Well, have you ever seen the little device in the hand of a presenter, usually black or silver.  That little device is called a presentation remote, or ‘clicker’, or, if you really want to get picky, a ‘pickle’, yes a pickle.  Why it’s called a pickle I do not know!

In audiovisual-speak, a “pickle” is a handheld remote that allows you, the presenter, ‘freedom of movement’ to manually advance your slides at your own pace without being tied to your laptop’s keyboard while in front of an audience or onstage.  More importantly, using a remote allows you to focus your attention on your presentation and maintain good eye contact with your audience and not worry about where the slide advance keys are on your laptop.

This handy little device works with the more popular software programs like Microsoft PowerPoint™, Apple Keynote™ and online programs like Prezzi and Haikudeck, etc.

SMK_remote_clicker_image 1

There are many brands to choose from out there.  My favorite is the SMK Remote Navigator.  This one is simple, small, reliable, and extremely easy to use without looking.  In addition, it’s well back-weighted so it stays towards the front your palm without much worry that it will fall out of the back of your palm.   Ooooops!

So, to circle back around to the original question when I heard the woman say, “Hey…. how do I use this thing?” immediately, I cringed and thought, “What? She didn’t just say that in front of the audience? What the speaker meant is – How do I use this clicker remote to control my PowerPoint presentation on a computer. She was unfamiliar with the device.

It’s an absolute must that you know about all your presentation technology tools you use in your presentation on stage or in front of an audience.  Never say something like that speaker said!

Whether you’re presenting to one person in a business setting or delivering your first keynote to 5,000 people, you should be using a handheld remote, or a pickle. Yes, even the best speakers use them too

Takeaway point:

As a speaker, you must know about your presentation technology. When you do, you’ll look like you’ve got your act together and know your material well.                                                                    


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